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Using Pornography with Dating

Do you like watching porn?

You can try mixing this dating.

Whether we admit it or not, many people like to watch porn in their spare time. Both men and women will watch in in secret and not tell their partners/dates about it.
But despite this, many couples never choose to watch it together.
This is because men and women prefer different things. Men usually like to watch short, fast action while women enjoy longer, more romantic scenes.  However, this doens’t mean you can’t find some common ground!
Providing it’s nothing too unsual, there’s not reason why you can’t involve this in your own sex lives.  Porn is all about fantasy which in turns sparks the imagination.

Firstly, talk about what sort of thing you get off on.  It’s important that neither of you feels threatened so don’t compare each other to the models you’ll see in adult film.  Nobody likes to feel they are second best or don’t “measure” up.

Once you’ve found some common ground, settle down with a few drinks and watch a film together.

Even if you one of you finds it boring or funny, just have it on in the background while you have sex instead.  The noises alone should turn you both on more than usual.
Why not make your own porn video?  Most mobile phones have built in video cameras with great resolution, so set this up nearby.  If you are nervous about filming yourselves, then just pretend you’ve got a cameraman, director, lighting person in the room.  Act the part and imagine you’re being watched by thousands.   You’ll get an exciting boost to your love making.

Finally, never make pornography a substitute for real sex.  If you don’t have a partner, then search now on and hook up with someone near you today!

Good luck,

James Preece – The Dating Guru