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Dating out of your League

It’s easy to look at people you might fancy and be fearful to talk them as they seem to be “out of your league.”   Here are some tips to overcome this.


1) Forget about leagues – there’s no reason why a ten can’t date a five if they are both getting something out of the relationship. it’s not all about looks. Everyone has different things to offer.  If it’s not looks, perhaps you can make people laugh, play the guitar or bake a fantastic cake. Work out what you have going for you and make the most of it!

2) Don’t swoon too soon.  Pretend that you’ve not noticed how wonderful they all to start with.  They’ll work harder if they don’t think you are impressed!  High league people want you to appreciate their less obvious qualities too.

3) High League people rarely get chatted up as everyone else is scared to approach them.  Go up and say hello. They’ll admire you for your courage and positive attitude.

4) Always be the best “you” possible.   If you make sure you always wear your best clothes and look well groomed you’ll instantly become more confident and up your social standing.  Confidence is sexy and stands out a mile!

5) The most important part of going for the people you want is refusing to go for the people that you don’t!  So, from now on, you only approach the ones you are attracted to. It really is this simple – If you want to play in the major leagues, you’ve got to stop wasting time with the minors!

James Preece – The Dating Guru